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Why Use a Lawyer in an Indiana Car Accident Case?

Posted by Guy DiMartino | Jun 29, 2015 | 0 Comments

I listened to episode 1 of the Georgia Car Accident Law podcast by Tyler Moffitt, a Lagrange, Georgia car accident lawyer. The title of the podcast is “Why Use a Lawyer.” Tyler made some good points that will certainly benefit those folks injured in Indiana car accidents.

1. Getting You the Compensation that You Deserve

The insurance industry is big and insurance companies make a lot of money. Large insurance company CEOs make in the seven and eight figures depending on revenues.

Insurance companies make money on two fronts. First, insurance companies collect premiums and they pay claims. If the premium income is more than the claims payout, they make money. Second, insurance companies sell financial products and invest. So when you make a claim for an Indiana car accident, the insurance adjuster's job is to close the claim with paying the least amount of money. Insurance adjusters are claims professionals, and the average person involved in a car accident is not a professional. The difference in knowledge about the process, the value of a claim, and the ways that juries handle certain facts is in the insurance adjuster's favor, when dealing with an unrepresented accident victim.

2. Protecting the Car Accident Victim

The car accident lawyer's job is protecting the accident victim so she does not make innocent mistakes that can cost thousands of dollars in settlement money. What works when negotiating a home or selling a production doesn't work in the car accident claims process.

3. Counseling the Car Accident Victim

Your car accident lawyer is also a counselor at law. He will explain the legal issues involved in your case, and lead you through the complicated process of dealing with body shops, hospitals, doctors and insurance companies. Additionally, your personal injury attorney will be able to give you the pros and cons of any offers that are made so you can make an informed decision about settling your case or going to court.

4. Driving the Value of Your Car Accident Claim

A seasoned personal injury lawyer knows the insurance adjuster's weak points, concerns and issues that can drive the value of a car accident claim upwards. For instance, insurance adjuster's do not like risk and they do not want to be put into a position where there could be an excess jury verdict. It looks bad for insurance companies if they allow their customers to be exposed to excess verdicts. If we are able to posture the car accident claim correctly we are able to push this risk button and drive the value of our client's case upwards.

If you have any questions about an Indiana car accident claim, you can always give me a call (219) 874-4878.

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