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Westville Auto Accident Attorney

You're driving south of US 421 and when you get to Route 6 in Westville you're involved in a car accident because someone did not stop at the stop sign. The vast majority of folks in LaPorte County depending on their cars, trucks and motorcycles to get around. Our public transportation system is weak so we either use our vehicles or we walk. Our dependence of driving makes the shock of an auto accident harder to deal with, and if we're injured the shock is worse. 

If you were involved in a Westville, Indiana automobile accident, you may want to speak with an auto accident lawyer as soon as possible. You can call Guy DiMartino Law at (219) 690.8997 to get your questions about the process answered. 

Common Cause of Indiana Auto Accidents 

Drunk or drugged drivers - operating while intoxicated:  We all know that driving under the influence is against the law, many folks feel they are in control when they get in their vehicle after they have had a few too many drinks or are taking narcotics. Impaired drivers cause a serious risk because impairment decreases the driver's judgment and increases their reaction perception time. These drivers put others at risk every time they get into their vehicle while impaired. We believe that every person who is intoxicated and causes an accident should be accountable under our law. 

Hit and run drivers- We are required to stop after an accident, exchange information with the other driver, report the crash and remain at the scene until law enforcement arrives and clears the scene. There are those drivers who get in an accident and then take off. Most of the time when this happens, there is a reason. Typically, these drivers do not have a valid license, are impaired, or do not have insurance. Fleeing the scene of an accident is a crime. 

Distracted Drivers - Nowadays, most drivers are distracted. We have video in our cars, little computers in our phones, and multiple fast food places to pick up a meal or drink. Even though it's against the law, folks still text and drive and do not use their phones on hands free mode. When you look down to do something on your phone, you are taking your eyes off of the roadway and that split second can be the difference between life and death. Distracted drivers should be held responsible for the auto accidents that they cause. 

Uninsured Drivers - The tougher the financial times the more folks driver without insurance. Even though Indiana law requires all drivers to have a minimum of $25,000 in insurance if they hurt someone while driving, I can't tell you how many cases I've investigated where the driver allowed their insurance to lapse. The typical situation that I see, is they get insurance so they can renew their license plates and then they quit paying the premium. Having your own uninsured motorist coverage is the best investment that you can have. Remember, insurance is there to protect you and that is what uninsured motorist insurance does. 

Multiple Vehicle Crashes: Auto accident claims with multiple vehicles can be more complex than a two vehicle accident. Many times the more vehicles involved the more drivers point fingers at the other drivers. Just imagine that you are vehicle one in a four vehicle crash. The crash was started because vehicle 4 crashed into the back of vehicle 3 who crashed into the back of vehicle 2 who hit you. Is vehicle 4 at fault for causing the accident? Is vehicle 2 partially at fault for following too closely? I'm sure you can see the issues. 

Crossover Auto Accidents. Some folks cause these head on accidents. I've seen a number of these accidents on Johnson Road and 400. A driver drifts over the center line and crashes into the car coming from the opposite direction. Another cause of these crossover accidents is tire blowing out or a driver over-correcting. The typical over correction accident, happens when the driver veers off to the right - panics, and sharply turns the steering wheel to the left. These accidents can cause life changing injuries and identifying the cause of the accident is the key to getting just compensation. 

Bad road conditions or missing road signs: I remember as a kid a horrible accident that happened in my neighborhood because some high school took a stop sign from an intersection. Our local agencies are responsible for making sure the road is good repair and traffic control devices are well maintained. When the government or a contractors fails to make sure that the roadways are safe, these accidents can happen. 

If you have any questions about a Westville, Indiana car accident reach out to Guy DiMartino Law at (219) 690-8997.