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Indiana Personal Injury Lawyer |How Long Will It Take To Get Your Case Tried?

Posted by Guy DiMartino | Oct 31, 2014 | 0 Comments

Indiana personal injury lawyer discusses how long it will take a case to get to trial in Northwest Indiana.

You've been injured in a Northwest Indiana accident.  You believe the insurance is being unfair with their offer and you want to file suit.  There are a number of factors that you and your attorney have to discuss in deciding whether or not you're going to file a lawsuit.  One of the main factors is how long will it take your case to get to trial.  There is time value and life energy versus money balancing that needs to be looked at.  Many times, insurance companies will hold onto the funds until the last possible minute and if it takes years to get the courthouse steps, that is years that the funds stay with the insurance company.

The Times recently reported that Indiana court filings are down about 100,000 in cases in 2010 but judges are still overworked.  In Lake County there were over 200,000 cases filed in 2010.  In Porter County there were just over 41,000 cases.  According to the report, Porter County's nine judges do the work of 12 and each Lake County judge does the work of 1.23 judges.

In Lake County it can easily take 2 to 3 years to get a simple automobile accident case and much longer for a medical malpractice case to get to trial.  In Porter and LaPorte counties the time frame is somewhat shorter.  The length of time to resolution of a case is certainly a factor that an injured person has to look at when deciding whether to settle their case or file a lawsuit.  Sometimes the stress of going through a lawsuit for years is not worth the extra money that a person may receive.  This is one of the issues that should be discussed at length with your personal injury lawyer when negotiating a settlement.

Indiana personal injury law can be complex.  If you have any questions about a Northwest Indiana personal injury, you can always contact our office to discuss this and other matters at (219) 874-4878.

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