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The Truck Driver Bully! – Indiana Truck Accident Lawyer

Posted by Guy DiMartino | Nov 04, 2014 | 0 Comments

Michigan City Indiana truck accident lawyer discusses his run in with a truck driver bully!

My wife and I were driving her Rav- 4 – full of stuff from Florida to Michigan City.  I was driving on I-75 in Georgia.  The Georgia State Patrol were all over the place.  I was north of Macon heading towards Atlanta in the center lane.  I had my cruise on 75 mph. I look in my mirror and this tractor is bearing down on me. I couldn't move at the moment and I notice that guy is on the phone – just yelling and screaming about me to somebody.  He was practically in my vehicle.

This goes on for a mile or so and the guy shoots to my right.  I seem him doing that so I pull out my phone – turn on the camera and as he passes my wife's window – she says what's up with this guy.  I said – he's just a bully.  As he passes – he sees I'm taking a picture of him and he starts ranting and raving more.  He speeds past me and moves into the center lane.

As he is passing I notice that his flat bed is filled with lumber.  He's carrying tons of material.  I was pissed.  If I had to stop or slow because of something on the roadway – I would not be talking to you today. I have discussed in previous blogs how truck driver negligence is usually caused by (1) distracted driving; (2) following too close; (3) bullying.  This guy met 2 out of the 3 categories.

Here is a picture of the bully's truck.

How do you handle bully's on the road?  I say…. we have to handle them the way we handle all bullies.  Stand up to them and call them out. When I stood up to the bully, he took off.

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