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The Strongest Evidence in Your Social Security Case

Certain classes of evidence will help carry the day in your social security disability hearing. Here is a non-exhaustive list. 

Medical Documentation

By far your medical documentation can be the strongest evidence of disability. Do your medical records have objective stuff documenting your medical condition? Objective means is there a test? For instance, if you have congestive heart failure is there an echocardiogram or an ultrasound of your heart showing decreased output, decreased ability to pump blood called an infract fraction? If your basing your disability on back pain are there MRI's or CT's or other tests showing herniated disc's, spinal stenosis or nerve damage?

Surgery - Invasive Medical Treatment

Documentation showing what you've done in the way of treatment for your medical conditions. The more invasive the treatment, the more weight the treatment will carry. For instance, surgery says your condition is much worse than a condition that only requires physical therapy. The administrative law judge understands that folks do not undergo the knife just for kicks and he or she also understands that folks always have some residual problems following surgery. 

At a recent hearing, I was sure to show the judge the x-ray that showed all the hardware through my client's spine and photos of my clients back showing a 5-inch scar. Sometimes a picture can tell your entire story. 


The next evidence is your medication. To an administrative law judge, heavy duty medication and medications with numerous or serious side effects equal a big problem. You should remember to include your pharmacy records in your disability submission. Like photos, your prescription regime can tell the whole story. 


Information from a non-interested third person, a coworker or supervisor. Testimony or documentation from a person or who does not have  a dog in the fight will go a long way to support your claim. If your coworker or supervisor or neighbor is able to describe what they've observed regarding your condition and your impairment it can certainly help win the day for your disability claim. 


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