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Should I speak to the insurance company?

Michigan City Indiana car accident lawyer answers the question – should I speak to the insurance company?

This is a loaded question.  If the insurance company that calls is your insurance company, you have a duty to speak with the adjuster and give them basic information and facts of the claim.  If the insurance company that calls, you may want to talk to the adjuster about your property damage claim (getting your car fixed).  As a general rule, I do not allow my clients to give a statement to the adverse insurance company.  Nothing good comes out of these statements.  They do not thing that assists in the resolution of the case.  In my years of practice, I have never had an adjuster say, speaking to my client will get the case settled quickly or for more money.

If you would like to test the insurance company's sincerity, when the adjuster asks you for a recorded statement, ask her if she will allow you to take the recorded statement of the other driver. I'm sure, the adjuster will say, we don't allow that. Why is it okay for you to give a recorded statement to the insurance company but it is not okay for the other driver to give you or your attorney a recorded statement? If it was about being fair - it would be same for both side.