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Indiana Slip, Trip & Fall Lawyers

Slip, Trip and Fall cases come in two categories.  The first category is when there is a permanent dangerous condition on a business or residential property.  The second category is where there is a transitory condition on property that causes a dangerous condition.  The standard for property owners in Indiana requires the owner or occupier of land to keep their property free from dangerous conditions.  Whether something is a dangerous condition depends on the specific facts of the case.  This is why it is very important to consult an Indiana slip, trip and fall lawyer shortly after an accident so the evidence can be preserved.

Slip, Trip & Fall cases come with many different fact scenarios, below are a few representative cases:

  • A grocery store employee doesn't properly clean up a broken bottle of olive oil
  • A grocery store employee doesn't timely clean up a spill
  • A retail big box store has broken asphalt or pot holes in its parking lot
  • A mall has lights out in the parking lot and a customers trips over a piece of concrete
  • A shopping center doesn't clean up ice and snow in front of its entrance
  • A restaurant's stairway is in disrepair and a customer falls down the stairs

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