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Slip and Fall Accidents at a Fast Food Restaurant

Posted by Guy DiMartino | Mar 13, 2018 | 0 Comments

You and a family member or friend were having lunch at a fast food restaurant, and you have to use the restroom. You get up and walk toward the restroom, and you lose your footing all of a sudden and fall right to the floor. The moment that you hit the floor, you feel a searing pain in your hip.

The paramedics are called to the scene, and you are taken to the hospital. The doctor takes an x-ray of your hip, and you are informed that your hip is broken, and a hip replacement is required. You are feeling very overwhelmed, and the biggest question that you have is if that fast food restaurant is responsible for your injuries.

Is the Fast Food Restaurant Responsible for Your Injuries?

You must understand that, just because you were injured in the fast food restaurant, there is no certainty that you have a claim. The restaurant or property owner owes the customer two responsibilities:

  • To make sure the property is safe, in other words, to make sure there is not a dangerous condition on the property; and
  • If there is a safety issue, such as an employee just mopped the floor, he or she must warn you by putting out a cone or wet floor sign.

If the restaurant floor was unsafe, and you fell due to a problem, the odds are that you will have a claim.

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