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Route 20 Car Accidents

Route 20 Michigan City Indiana
Route 20 Michigan City, Indiana

There are a lot of accidents on Route 20 in Michigan City, Indiana. I drive this road all the time and some of the reasons for these accidents are the speed in which Tractor Trailers drive on 20, the condition of the road, and the congestion around US 421. Part of the reason for the congestion has to do with the multiple intersections and stop lights. If you're driving eastbound from 421 the first traffic light is Cleveland Ave., then comes Woodland Ave. and Johnson Road. After Johnson Road there is an area where there are no traffic lights and then the road starts configuring every which way because of the construction at the intersections with I-94 and US 35. 

The chopped up roads, road construction that has been going on for the last couple of years and the frequent lane configuration, sets up dangerous conditions leading to car and truck accidents. I can't tell you how many times I've seen trucks and cars cruising down 20, the light turns yellow, and the car or truck has to blow the light because they cannot stop in time. 

If you are involved in a car crash on Route 20, you should follow these steps: 

  1. If you are able to pull out of the way of moving traffic, do so. 
  2. Call 911 so law enforcement comes out and investigates the crash. Within a few days, you will be able to pick up a copy of the Indiana Standard Crash Report or you can purchase one from buycrash.
  3. If you are able take photos and videos of the crash scene. 
  4. Get the contact information of any witnesses. Do not assume that the Law Enforcement is going to capture this information 
  5. If you are injured at the scene, allow EMS to take you to the hospital. 
  6. If you are injured but don't want to take EMS to the hospital, tell the Police Officer or Deputy that you were injured so it is documented in the Crash Report, and go to the hospital or urgent care center as soon as you're able. 
  7. Call your insurance company and report the claim, even if you believe that you are not at fault. When you are on the phone with your insurance, have the representative go over your insurance coverages, so you know if you have medical coverage, rental coverage, and collision coverage. 
  8. If you are injured and believe that you need assistance getting through the process of dealing with the body shop, insurance companies and healthcare providers, call a Car Accident Lawyer for some advice. 

Nobody gets up the morning wanting to be involved in a car accident, however, if you are involved in a crash, you should follow the steps outlined above because it will make it a little easier getting through the situation. 

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