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Will Your Insurance Company Provide You with A Rental Car After an Accident?

Guy DiMartino Jan. 8, 2015

The answer to the question will depend on the insurance coverage that you purchased. Look at your declaration of insurance, your insurance policy or give your agent a call to get an explanation regarding your specific coverage.

If you have rental coverage, your company will provide you with or reimburse you for a rental car.

If the other driver is uninsured and you purchased uninsured property damage coverage, your company should provide you with a rental for a reasonable amount of time to get your car fixed or find another car if your vehicle is totaled.

In conclusion, rental coverage is strictly based on the terms of your contract. You have to look at the terms because car insurance companies limit the coverage by the number of days or the total amount of coverage. For instance, I recently reviewed a policy that said the company would pay up to 30 days for a rental car and a maximum of $900. If it was a total loss, the company would pay up to the point the total loss check was delivered and accepted by the insured.

The take home point is don't assume what the company will pay for your rental, you must read the policy.