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Will the Other Insurance Provide Me with A Rental After an Accident?

Guy DiMartino Jan. 7, 2015

Once the other driver's insurance company completes its investigation and accepts responsibility for the accident, it will provide you with a rental car while your car gets fixed or for a reasonable time if your car is totaled.

The insurance company will usually authorize a set number of days initially, it is important that your body shop communicate with the carrier if the car takes longer to fix than expected. If you do not handle this upfront, you could get stuck with part of the rental bill.

If your car is totaled, the insurance company will provide a vehicle for a reasonable time. You need to make sure what a “reasonable time” means to the insurance company that you are dealing with. Three days is not reasonable on their part and six weeks is not reasonable on your part.


If you drive a fancy car or van or large pick-up, odds are the insurance company will not authorize this level of vehicle. Instead, you will be stuck with small or mid-size vehicle. If you insist on another level vehicle, you will be responsible for the difference.

If you need a rental after an Indiana car crash, you should look at your own insurance policy and see if you provided rental coverage. Your policy will set out the maximum daily amount, days or dollar amount of the coverage.