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Guy DiMartino March 12, 2015

I received this question the other day from Joan who lives in Michigan City. A friend of mine was in a car accident and I went to the doctor with her. The person at the doctor's office wanted the name and claim information for the insurance company of the driver that hit my friend, so they can bill that insurance company. I told my friend that that sounds fishy. I am right to be concerned?

Joan. I'm going to rephrase the question a little. What I hear you asking is will the other insurance company pay your friend's medical expenses while she is getting treatment? As a general rule. No the other insurance company will not pay your friend's medical expenses as they accumulate.

In the end, if the other person was at fault, his insurance company will be responsible for your friend's medical expenses, and the reasonable amount of medical expenses will be included in the settlement.

The doctor's office has four potential ways to get paid:

  1. If your friend has medical payments insurance under her car insurance, the doctor can send the bills there.

  2. The doctor can bill your friend's health insurance.

  3. Your friend can make payments as she goes.

  4. The doctor's office can wait until the case resolves to get paid.

It is not a good idea for the doctor's office to be talking to the other driver's insurance company because the office could disclose information that the company is not entitled to, which can hurt your friend's claim.

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