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Will the Other Driver’s Insurance Company Fix My Car After an Indiana Crash?

Guy DiMartino Dec. 7, 2014

When people are involved in car wrecks and they are not seriously injured, their focus always turns to getting their car repaired or totaled as quickly as possible. For many of us, our vehicles symbolize freedom. If we can't drive our car, how do we get to work, school or pick-up our children. We become dependent on other people for rides and that just isn't fun. Nothing is really fun after an Indiana car accident. The truth is everything is a pain. This brings me to the number one question that I get after an Indiana car accident.

Will the Other Driver's Insurance Company Fix My Car?

Yes. If you can show that the other person is responsible for the crash and there is enough insurance to cover the cost of repair or total loss. Going through the other insurance company isn't your best bet all the time. There are two issues with going through the other driver's insurance.

The first is TIME. The other insurance company has to open up a claim, get the accident report, speak to its insured ,and possibly speak to witnesses before it accepts responsibility for the claim. It can often take a week or two for the insurance company to accept responsibility and agree to pay for your car.

The second is RELATIONSHIP. The other insurance doesn't have a duty to act fairly when adjusting your claim. You have to double check the numbers that the insurance gives you to either fix or replace your vehicle.

In all fairness, there are also a couple of benefits of going through the other insurance company. The first benefit is that you will not have to lay any money out of your pocket to the body shop. If you go through your own collision insurance, you will have a deductible that can range from a couple hundred bucks to a grand, which you would have to fork over to the body shop when you pick up your vehicle. The second benefit is that the insurance company will put you in a rental car for a reasonable period of time.