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Guy DiMartino
July 21, 2015

Most personal injury cases settle because they should settle. A jury trial is an unpredictable event, when the parties reach a point where a matter can be settled, they are the one who are making the decision as opposed to six or twelve jurors. Here are the 7 reasons that most claims settle before a jury trial:

  1. The system is not set up to handle more than 7 to 10% jury trials.

  2. Judges require the parties to attend at least one pretrial settlement conference.

  3. Trials are very expensive and sometimes it is not cost effective for the parties to go to trial.

  4. Risk – risk is two fold. The first is the risk of allowing 6 or 12 strangers who are not vested in your case make the decision. The second is the money risk, which includes the expense of going to trial, the chance of getting zipped if you are making a claim, and the chance of a verdict that is higher than the insurance proceeds available.

  5. If fair value is offered to settle a case, it is in the best interests of the parties to settle.

  6. Jurors are unpredictable.

  7. Time – some cases can take years to get to trial and parties would rather get on with the rest of their lives.

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