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When Safety Rules Are Broken People Get Hurt

Guy DiMartino Oct. 31, 2014

When safety rules are broken people get hurt or killed in accidents.

Whenever we look at the facts of case in which a client was hurt, whether it is a Northwest Indiana car accident, medical malpractice, or slip & fall, the underlying fact is that somebody violated a safety rule. When safety rules are broken, people get hurt. Every day when we jump in our cars most of the safety rules are ingrained in us. Here is an example of a few:

  • Go on green

  • Stop on red

  • Yellow is caution

  • Don't follow the car in front of you too closely

  • Don't pass on the right

  • Don't text and drive

  • Don't eat and drive

  • Don't talk on the phone and drive

  • Don't put your makeup on while driving the in car

  • Don't read the Post, Tribune, Times or Sun-Times while driving

  • Don't drive around railroad track safety gates

To tell you truth, I violate these safety rules on a regular basis because I'm like everybody else, I take “acceptable” risks. In hindsight, however, none of these risks are “acceptable” because the end result can be severe injury or death.

This brings me to a point. The Times just reported a fatal crash at the railroad tracks on 4th and Main in Hobart. I know it well, for years my office was on these railroad tracks on 4 th and Center. You know the tracks, just south of the City Hall by Dairy Queen. According to the Times, one person was killed and the driver was hurt when she drove around the safety gates. This is certainly a tragedy and our hearts go out to the families of the victims. However, instead of just reading the newspaper article and moving on, shouldn't we as a community learn something from it?

I confess, on some occasions, maybe I was late picking up my daughter when she was at Joan Martin or maybe I was late getting down to court in Crown Point. I did the same thing, but I was lucky. Has this happened to you? You left the library or just turned onto Main Street going south from 3rd. You're late. You pass Bright Spot. You get to City Hall and hear the warning noises and see the lights. The gate starts to go down, you look to the left – you look to the right – you can't wait 5 minutes – so you shoot the gate. Wow – you made it. Don't give it much thought and then you're off.

If we really look at it logically, weren't we stupid? Wasn't the action an unacceptable risk? My daughter could have waited 5 minutes. Maybe the judge would have fined me – but I would have made it safely.

Remember this holiday season to be safe. Don't take unacceptable risks. Be safe and arrive alive.

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