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Truck Drivers Are Required to Inspect Their Loads in Order to Protect Against Accidents

Guy DiMartino Feb. 3, 2015

One of the causes of truck accidents is an improperly secured load. Today I would like to explain the truck driver's duty to inspect their load.

The federal rules and regulations require truck drivers to do periodic inspections to make sure their load is secure and contained.

I'm sure you've driven on I-80, I-94 or I-65 and have seen the flat beds hauling rolled steel with chains and straps. I'm sure that if you are like me that you've wondered what you would do if that roll of steel came lose and started rolling off of the trailer.

Well one of the ways to prevent the problem of a load shifting is frequent inspection. The regulations require inspection in 4 instances:

  • Before the driver makes the trip – this is called the pre trip inspection

  • After 50 miles

  • After a change in status. For instance, if the truck driver goes off duty or takes a food break.

  • At 150 miles or every three hours

It is so important to check the loads periodically because if a load shifts during transportation it can cause an imbalance and make the rig unsafe.