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The Things You Should Never Do After an Accident

Guy DiMartino Oct. 19, 2021

Below Is a List of The Seven Things that You Should Never Do After an Accident.

  1. DO NOT give a recorded statement to the other driver's insurance company. The insurance adjuster is not your friend and they do not have your best interest at heart. You should only give a statement to an insurance company when told to do so by your lawyer.

  2. DO NOT sign any insurance company papers, medical releases or documents without first speaking to an attorney. If you sign the wrong paper, you may sign away your legal right to make a claim for injuries.

  3. DO NOT exaggerate or minimize your symptoms, complaints or injuries to your doctor.

  4. DO NOT stop your medical treatment too soon.

  5. DO NOT hide information from your attorney. Your attorney needs to know all the skeletons in our closet. Most issues can be dealt with upfront if they are disclosed. All discussions with your attorney and his staff are protected under the attorney-client privilege. The attorney needs to know any problems at the outset of the case so they can be handled.

  6. DO NOT talk to your doctor about what your lawyer said. As an example, if your lawyer recommends that you see a certain doctor or you may have a certain medical condition, do not share that information with your doctor because it will waive the attorney-client privilege. As an example, the investigator reports something important to the attorney regarding liability in a case. The attorney reports the development to the client and the client mentions it in the doctor's office. The doctor's office puts the information in the client's medical record. Now the attorney-client privilege is broken and the information will be disclosed to the insurance company and the jury.

  7. DO NOT post anything about your accident or injuries on any social media site. Even the most generic post “like that guy who hit me was jerk” can hurt your claim