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The Role of Bicycle Lights During Day Time

June 7, 2018

A few years ago, it was the rare extra cautious bicyclist who decided to use a blinking light on their bicycle. Many people previously thought that daytime lights were unnecessary because the lights were not easily noticeable. In reality, however, there are some distinct advantages to be gained through the use of bicycle lights and as a result, the number of cyclists who decide to daytime lights has been increasing significantly.

Florida Bicycle Lights: What Are the Rules?

There are currently not any states that require lights to be equipped to bicycles during the daytime. Florida law, however, requires cyclists to use a white light in the front and red light at the rear of their cycle between sunset and sunrise. Bicycle riders who are stopped at night can receive warnings or even given a citation along with an accompanying fine. If the offense if a bicyclist’s first violation, the fines, and charges will be dropped provided the cyclist can provide proof of purchase of the required bicycle light after the violation is given.

How Daytime Lights Can Help Bicyclists

In the past bicyclists have begun to question whether there are some significant advantages that can be realized through the use of daytime lights. It is important to note that the advantages of these lights are still uncertain. One study conducted in Denmark found the accident rate for cyclists who used bicycle lights during the day and nighttime was significantly lower than bicyclists who did not use lights. Some people argue that the use of red flashing lights on bicycles during the day could greatly help to reduce the number of rear-end collisions that occur because motor vehicle operators would be better informed about surrounding bicyclists. As a result, there are currently many cyclists who believe that daytime lights offer distinct advantages to only using these lights at night time as required by law.

Not Everyone Agrees Over the Benefits of Daytime Lights

It should be noted that some cyclists think that bicycle lights are not safer and can actually endanger bicyclists. The argument presented by these opponents is that flashing lights can be distracting to riders who are traveling close behind vehicles. These opponents argue that daytime lights can end up creating a glare in the eyes of motorists which makes it difficult to see and as a result leads to accidents.

Current Daytime Bicycle Light Trends

Due to the growing interest in using bicycle lights during the daytime, some bicycle manufacturers are now using bicycle lights to be used either during the day or night. Many of these lights are capable of varying in intensity so that they can glow more noticeably during the day and less intensely at night when they are most visible.

Speak with A Seasoned Bicycle Accident Lawyer

It currently remains uncertain whether daytime bicycle lights help to increase or decrease safety measures for bicyclists. Given that a large number of bicyclists have begun to find these lights advantageous, they are worth considering. If you are involved in a bicycle accident during day or night, do not hesitate to speak with a knowledgeable bicycle attorney at the office of Guy S. DiMartino, DC, JD, PA.