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The Number 1 Thing You Need to Know if You’re Going to Make an Indiana Slip and Fall Claim

Guy DiMartino April 8, 2013

The same phone call happens time and time again. A prospective client will call up because they've been seriously injured when they slipped, tripped and fell on a commercial property. The caller is clearly injured, many times he/she has a broken pelvis, hip, knee cap, shoulder or wrist.

The first question that I ask them is WHY DID YOU FALL? I can't tell you how many times there is a dead silence on phone. I can't tell you how many times the caller tells me that they do not know why they fell. When I hear that answer – I wish them well and tell them that I cannot help them. Why, a person who is injured on somebody's property in Florida is not entitled to receive compensation for their injuries just because they fell.

Indiana Slip, Trip & Fall Law

In order to receive compensation for slip, trip and fall injuries, the injured person has to show that the property owner or renter was negligent. The law requires the property owner or renter to keep their property in a reasonably safe condition, and if there is a problem with their property, they are to warn customers and guests of the danger.

If the person who fell does not know why the fell – how can they prove that the property was unreasonably dangerous or unsafe?

If you hope to be successful in an Indiana trip, slip and/or fall case, the number 1 thing you need to know is WHY YOU FELL.

If you know why you fell and you have any questions about a potential claim, you can call me directly on my cell phone.