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Guy DiMartino
Oct. 31, 2014

Indiana medical malpractice and personal injury lawyer discusses serious hospital errors in our hospitals.

The Indiana Department of Health recently published its 2010 survey outline serious hospital errors. The survey is voluntary and each hospital's reporting is based on whether the event meets the individual hospital's reporting requirements. Indiana hospitals and ambulatory/ outpatient surgery centers reported 107 events for 2010. The most common events were:

  • 34 Stage 3 & 4 pressure ulcers

  • Pressure ulcers (decubitis ulcers, bedsores) are preventable. A stage 3 pressure ulcer has full thickness skin loss involving damage to and death of subcutaneous tissue. A stage 4 pressure ulcer has extensive destruction and damage to the muscle, bone or supporting structures.

  • 33 Retained Foreign Objects After Surgery

  • 14 Wrong Site/Body Part Surgery

  • 17 Falls that caused serious injury or death

The numbers are up from 94 events in 2009. A number of Northwest Indiana Hospitals reported events:

  • Physician's Hospital, Munster, Indiana – 1 Wrong Site Surgery

  • Gary Methodist Hospital – 1 Bed Sores

  • Regency Hospital, East Chicago, Indiana located inside St. Catherine – 1 Pressure Ulcer – 1 Fall

  • St. Catherine Hospital, East Chicago, Indiana 1 Pressure Ulcer

  • St. Margaret Mercy, Dyer, Indiana – 1 Wrong Site Surgery – 1 Wrong Surgery

  • St. Mary's Hospital, Hobart, Indiana – 1 Fall

  • Porter Hospital, Valparaiso, Indiana – 2 Retained Foreign Bodies

  • LaPorte Hospital, LaPorte, Indiana – 1 Retained Foreign Body

We believe there are many other patients who are injured and/or killed because of medical negligence that do not make it on these lists. If you have any questions regarding a potential Northwest Indiana medical malpractice claim, call our Michigan City medical malpractice lawyer at (219) 874-4878 or fill out the internet consultation form on the right.