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Northwest Indiana Car Accident Lawyer | The Perils of Driving on Prescription Drugs

Guy DiMartino Oct. 31, 2014

Northwest Indiana car accident lawyer discusses the perils of driving while taking antidepressants, antianxiety and sleep pills in your system.

In our normal driving, how many near misses to do we have because we see a danger and avoid the danger; whether it's the person who changes lanes in front of you without seeing you, the car that stops short or the child that darts out in between parked cars. The key to avoiding these car crashes is a quick reaction to the danger. If your perception reaction time is delayed because of prescription medications – what will happen the next time you have to react quickly when on the road?

Certain Classes of Prescription Drugs Can Impair Driving

A recent study published in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology study compared people who were and weren't involved in crashes. In the first group, there were just over 5,000 people that were involved in car accidents. The second group; included over 30,000 were not in automobile accidents during the studied years.

Generally, the study found that people involved in the accidents were more likely under the influence of psychotropic medications, whether they were taking them for a day, week, month or years. The leader of the study said that “our findings underscore that these people taking psychotropic drugs should pay increased attention to their driving performance in order to prevent motor vehicle accidents.”

What Can We Learn From This

The odds are that if you were injured in a Northwest Indiana car accident that the other driver may have been taking something that would impact their ability to drive safely. Police officers readily look for alcohol related crashes but because people on medications don't display the same outward signs of intoxication, police officers do not investigate the prescription drug-accident connection.

What are your thoughts about driving under the influence of pain medication or antidepressants?