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Guy DiMartino Oct. 31, 2014

Northwest Indiana car accident lawyer discusses distracted driving.

During your daily travels, whether it be on US 30, Highway 49, I-80, I-65 or your local roads in Northwest Indiana, I am sure you see people multi-tasking while driving all the time. When you hear the term distracted driving, most people think of cell phones, but these are not the only distractions causing Northwest Indiana car accidents.

Cell phones use while driving is dangerous. Between texting, emails, phone calls and playing games on the cell, even looking down at the phone and away from the road for one second can cause a horrible Northwest Indiana auto accident. The recent wave of smart phones, whether it is an I-phone, Blackberry or Android, has led to even more chances of being distracted.

Let's be honest, haven't you been in heavy traffic and heard a text or email come through on your phone and haven't you picked up the phone and start scrolling through your email or responding to a text? I have done that on occasion and it is getting much more difficult with the changes in my eyesight as I age. Every time I feel compelled to look down at that phone, I say to myself “you're so stupid” because I know that when I'm looking down at that darn thing, something can be happening on the road in front of me that I'm not seeing.

Cell phones are not the only thing that can distract drivers on Northwest Indiana roads. How about when you run through the fast food line and can't wait or do not have enough time to stop to eat! How about when your child or grandchild is in their car seat and they drop something and you turn around for a split second to assist him/her! How about when you pick up your kids from school and they are at each others throat! How about when you are late for work, a date or a meeting and you have to finish putting on your make-up! Studies have shown that all of these activities are as dangerous as drunk driving.

There are currently laws against texting while driving in many states, including Indiana. We recognize that careless drivers will continue to text while driving regardless of the current laws. Please do not become a statistic. When you hear your phone ping, do not pick it up to look or respond to that text until you are safe.

If you or someone you know has been seriously injured by a driver who was too busy texting or doing something other than driving, then you need to seek legal counsel. If you would like to discuss your car accident claim, you can call our Northwest Indiana car accident lawyer or fill out the internet consultation form.