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Michigan City Truck Accident Lawyer |man Killed when Hit by Semi-Truck Near Hanna

Guy DiMartino Oct. 25, 2016

Michigan City truck accident lawyer discusses a newspaper article describing a semi-truck accident that kills a man near Hanna, Indiana.

The Northwest Indiana Times reported that a North Judson man was killed in an accident when he was broadsided by a semi-truck on US 30 near Hanna. The newspaper reported that the driver of the car was traveling northbound on Indiana 30 with the green light and was in the process of turning westbound on US 30 when he was broadsided by a semi-truck. Our condolences go out the family of the deceased in this matter.

Because of the large disparity in size, semi-truck accidents can cause severe injury or death. This is one of the reasons why the trucking industry is so heavily regulated. When a client retains us to investigate a Northwest Indiana truck accident, we immediately begin the investigation which includes obtain the truck drivers logs that document his/her hours of service. The logs will allow us determine if the truck driver has worked too many hours without sufficient time off, which leads to fatigue, distracted driving and accidents. We also obtain the pre-trip truck inspection logs and all maintenance records to determine if the truck has any underlying mechanical defects or it was not properly maintained. Finally, we will talk to witnesses, take photographs of the scene and photographs of semi-truck and car. This evidence should be obtained immediately otherwise it may be lost or destroyed.

Indiana Truck Accident Law Is Complex

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