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Guy DiMartino
Nov. 4, 2014

Michigan City Indiana truck accident lawyer discusses a recent truck accident case that happened on I-80/I-94.

nwi-times-truck-accident-150x150The NWI Times recently published an article about a truck accident that happened on the I-80/I-94 westbound ramp off of I-65. According to the article, a flat-bed semi was going too fast and the load of lumber that he was hauling shifted causing the semi to rollover. In looking at the picture the driver of the car was fortunate that she wasn't severely injured.

This article brings up a number of issues about who may be responsible for semi-truck accidents. The article mentions that the crash was caused by driver error, which is certainly one of the most causes of a truck accident. Driver error could be going too fast for conditions, not paying attention, talking on the cell phone, texting and fatigue. Other times, the shift in the load that happened in this accident could be the fault of the company that loaded the trailer. If the trailer was not loaded evenly, the lumber could shift causing the tractor-trailer to lose control. Finally, truck accidents could happen because the tractor and/or the trailer was not properly maintained. For instance, in this accident, if there was a problem with one of the brake lines on the trailer, when the trucker hit the brake the load could have shifted.

What is the take away from this accident?

When looking at the cause or root failure analysis of truck accident there are a number of factors that must be looked at, which include driver error, improper maintenance and improper loading.

I am not making any comment on the merits of this particular truck accident because I have no information outside of the newspaper report. I am using the fact pattern from this accident to point out the particular issues that may arise in any semi-trailer crash case.

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