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Michigan City Indiana Truck Accident Lawyer |man Injured in Truck Accident on I-80/94

Guy DiMartino Oct. 31, 2014

Michigan City Indiana truck accident lawyer discusses a recent article where a man is injured in a car accident on I-80/I-94.

The Times recently ran a story describing a semi-truck versus minivan crash on I-80/94 in Lake Station, Indiana. According to the report, the semi-truck slammed the minivan into the concrete median. The investigating state police officer said that the semi crossed into the far left lane hitting the minivan and causing it to crash into the median. The minivan ended up under the trailer.

The semi driver told the state police officer that a gust of wind hit the truck and caused his tire to blow. The investigating officer did not find a blown tire. He issued a ticket to the semi driver for unsafe lane change.

As a Northwest Indiana injury and accident lawyer this case brings up a number of important things that must be done after all big rig crashes. First, it is important to obtain a copy of the truck driver's logs to make sure s/he complied with Federal trucking regulations duty hours. Second, it is important to obtain all pre-inspection reports for the rig and trailer. Third, it is important to photograph the vehicles involved and the scene of the crash.

I-80/94 is main thoroughfare for semi-trucks going across the United States. The trucking industry is heavily regulated because accidents involving these large trucks going at accelerated speeds can cause severe injuries. Trucking accident cases are not like routine car accident cases because of the associated regulations and the potential for multiple parties.

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