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Guy DiMartino Oct. 31, 2014

Michigan City Indiana truck accident lawyer discusses a recent newspaper article describing a truck accident that killed a man in Gary.

The Post-Tribune reported that a Chesterton man died in a car on truck accident in Gary this week. According to the report, a tanker driver was eastbound on US 20 in Gary and came to a complete stop at some railroad tracks (abiding by state law) when he was rear-ended by a passenger car. The driver of passenger car died in the crash. The factual scenario in this report suggests the accident was an underride crash.

Semi or tanker truck accidents involving passenger cars usually cause serious injury and death because of the size and weight difference between the vehicles. In 2010, there were over 13,000 large truck crashes in Indiana. Throughout the nation, 10% of all semi-truck, tanker truck or other large truck accidents resulted in death. The trucking industry is heavily regulated. Truck drivers are required to keep logs of their daily activities, can only work a defined number of hours per day, and are required to follow many more rules. In this particular truck crash, it appears that the driver of the passenger car did not realize that the truck was required to make a complete stop at the railroad tracks and crashed into the rear of the truck. Driver distraction and error account for a high number of Northwest Indiana car accidents. This crash occurred in the early morning hours, which is a dangerous time to drive because people have a tendency to be tired, which increases a driver's reaction/perception time. We are sorry that such a tragedy occurred in our local area. Our hearts go out to the deceased driver's family and friends. Hopefully, out of this tragedy we will all remember that cars and trucks are dangerous and our lives are precious. Please drive safely so you will never require the services of our Michigan City truck accident lawyers.