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Michigan City Indiana Accident Lawyer | Getting Your Medical Bills Paid After an Accident

Guy DiMartino Dec. 6, 2014

Michigan City Indiana accident lawyer discusses how an injured person gets their medical bills paid after an accident?

If you have been injured in a Michigan City car accident and need medical care who is going to pay your hospital and doctor bills? Ultimately, the at-fault driver is responsible for reasonable and necessary medical expenses related to your Michigan City car accident. However, you are responsible for your medical bills as the your case progresses. You may have a number of options to help offset the medical expenses.

Options to Pay Medical Expenses

First, take a look at your automobile insurance policy or if you are uninsured and were a passenger in a friend's or family member's car, take a look at their insurance policy. Many Northwest Indiana automobile insurance policies offer medical payments coverage. This benefit will pay for reasonable and necessary medical expenses related to the accident.

Second, if you have group health insurance, you doctors' can bill your health insurance. The insurance company will seek reimbursement of the medical expenses paid at the end of the case. Third, if you are a Medicare or Medicaid beneficiary, your doctors can bill these programs. Again, these programs will seek reimbursement at the end of the your case if you receive money from the other driver. Many people feel overwhelmed after being injured in a car accident. Indiana automobile accident law is complex.