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Michigan City in Motorcycle Crash Lawyer |discusses Blowout on I-94

Guy DiMartino Nov. 4, 2014

Michigan City motorcycle crash lawyer discusses recent motorcycle accident on I-94.

The News Dispatch reported that two people were severely injured on Interstate 94 in Michigan City when the rear tire of the bike blew out. Indiana State Police Trooper Nate Wolfe responded to the scene, where a 2002 BMW motorcycle had been in the left lane when the back tire blew out around 7 p.m. The driver and passenger were thrown from the bike, which traveled 436 feet before coming to a rest in the right lane.

Over the years, I have consulted with people who have been injured in car accidents or motorcycle accidents where a tire fails. Sometimes these people are able to seek compensation if we can show that the tire is defective. It is very important that the tire is preserved so an expert can determine if there is a design defect, thread separation or other type of tire failure.

Indiana injury law is complex . If you are seeking compensation after a Michigan City motorcycle accident, you need a Michigan City motorcycle accident injury lawyer you can trust, someone who will be honest with you about your case and work hard to help you meet your goals.