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Local Man Dies in Michigan City, Indiana Motorcycle Accident

Guy DiMartino Oct. 31, 2014

Michigan City, Indiana motorcycle accident kills local man.

According to the Michigan City News-Dispatch, John Bibb of Michigan City died in a motorcycle crash earlier this month on US-20, just east of Johnson Road. The LaPorte County Sheriff's reported that Mr. Bibb ran into the back of a vehicle stopped on US-20 waiting to make a left hand turn.

A number of accidents have happened in this stretch of US-20. Part of the problem is the lack of turning lanes except at major intersections. Sheriff Mike Mollenhauer said “You have to be alert, be patient and slow down.”

Our hearts go out to Mr. Bibb's family. It is terrible when somebody loses their live in a motorcycle accident.

With the summer weather here many more people are on their motorcycles enjoying our Northwest Indiana roads. Motorcycles are dangerous and every year we lose people because of crashes. According to Indiana Traffic Safety Facts, in 2009, 113 people lost their lives on motorcycles. Driver distraction is one of the major causes of motorcycle accidents. As Sheriff Mollenhauer said, we all must “be alert, be patient, and slow down” when driving in Michigan City.