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Medical Malpractice Lawyer| Laser Hair Removal Lawsuits Increase

Oct. 26, 2013

Medical Malpractice Lawyer Discusses the Increase in Lawsuits when Laser Hair Removal Is Done by Non-Doctors

20 years ago when I went to the dermatologist’s office it looked like a doctor’s office. Now, my dermatologist’s office is an anti-aging clinic and spa. He hires mid-level practitioners and estheticians and performs many spa-related services. If you drive around you will see many laser treatment clinics or spas for hair removal and skin treatments.

A recent JAMA Dermatology journal article published on medicalXpress noted an increase in lawsuits for laser treatments when non-doctors are doing the treatment. The researchers said noted that the procedures were often done by people employed by the doctors’ offices or in other so-called medical facilities.

Lasers are powerful medical tools and when they are used by inexperienced or poorly trained folks can cause significant burning and scarring. The researchers found that laser hair removal had the highest number of lawsuits.

What Should We Take Away from This?

When you receive the internet coupon offering you a series of laser treatments for hair removal or some other skin issue, don’t think the procedure is like going for a haircut or manicure. Do some research on the facility; ask the person who will be doing the procedure information about their qualifications, licenses, and experience. Due diligence is the answer. These procedures are not without risks.

You do not want to end up like the folks that I’ve seen over the years, with deep brown scars on their legs or face when they only wanted to look better and more attractive.

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