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Leesburg FL Car Accident Lawyer| Filing a Claim with Hartford Insurance

Nov. 2, 2013

Leesburg Florida Car Accident Lawyer Discusses Filing a Claim with Hartford Insurance.

The Hartford was founded in the early 1800s. It claims to be one of the largest insurance and investment companies in the United States. Hartford is the underwriter of AARP’s automobile insurance program. As a general rule, I do not see low value insurance policies on people with The Hartford. Based on this information, I believe Hartford has strict underwriting guidelines and writes personal car insurance policies along with business, commercial and homeowners lines of policies. Last year I insured my cars through Hartford. The company’s rates were very competitive for the limits that I purchased. However when it was time to renew, the rates were substantially higher, so I switched to Safeco.

Settling Car Accident Claims with Hartford

Most of Hartford’s car accident claims are adjusted in the Tampa office. However, national accounts can be handled anywhere. The adjusters that I have dealt with over the years appear to be fair. Hartford does not write a high volume of automobile insurance policies so we do not see the company that often and the author has not tried any cases against a Hartford insured.

Filing a Lawsuit Against a Hartford Insured

Most of the lawsuits that I have filed against Hartford have been defended by in-house lawyers. Hartford’s in-house lawyers are professional and will do an adequate job defending their insureds or the company.

If you have any other questions about dealing with Hartford or if you would like a free copy of my book, give me a call or fill out the internet consultation form.