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Laporte Indiana Truck Accident Lawyer Explains the 3 Reasons Why Truck Driver Is Not at Fault

Guy DiMartino Nov. 21, 2014

A truck accident on I-80 – I-94 in LaPorte, Porter or Lake County Indiana left you with serious injuries, a smashed up vehicle, and a lot of pain, frustration, and anger.

To get the compensation and justice you deserve, you need to create a solid case. To construct a solid case, you need to identify the parties who may be liable for your injuries. Initially, you want to blame the truck driver for the accident but there may be one or more parties besides the driver that are responsible for your injuries.

As an example:

  • The truck driver was tired and this tiredness caused him to drift off and not realize how fast he was traveling. This may be the trucking company's fault also because they were working him to death, requiring him to meet unrealistic deadlines or lose his job.

  • The fact that the truck driver skidded off the exit, taking your vehicle with him, may be the trucking company's fault. Perhaps the company failed to teach its drivers proper use of safety equipment or the company failed to properly maintain the tires or brakes on the tractor or the trailer.

  • The fact that cargo fell out of the truck and into your lane might have been the trucking company's or warehouse's fault. Perhaps the company failed to have proper restraints on the trailer or required driver to pick-up a load that violated weight restrictions so it could make more money.

Hopefully, you get the picture. What may look like the driver's issue initially, may not be the whole story, and the problem could be with the trucking company, motor carrier for hire, maintenance company, mechanic or other entity.

So how do you know what really happened in your truck case?

To uncover the possibilities, talk to an experienced personal injury law firm like Guy DiMartino Law. We understand how to develop a solid Indiana truck accident case so injured persons can receive fair and just compensation for their injuries.