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Laporte County Indiana Lawyers |questions to Ask the Insurance Adjuster

Guy DiMartino Oct. 31, 2014

LaPorte County Indiana lawyer discusses the questions that you should ask an insurance adjuster after a Northwest Indiana accident.

You've been involved in an accident; any kind of accident and within a few days, you will receive a call from the other party's insurance company. The responses that you make and the questions that you ask the insurance adjuster can make a big difference in your case. First, you have to realize that you are under no obligation to talk with the other party's insurance adjuster. If you do decide to talk to the adjuster, tread lightly. Below are a few examples of the types of questions that may be asked – remember it is probably best for you to ask questions in return, and if you feel uncomfortable, consult with an attorney.

Initially, the adjuster will ask you to provide a recorded statement. Nothing good can come out of giving a recorded statement. If you want to give a statement to the adjuster, demand that the statement NOT BE RECORDED or have the adjuster send you a letter that NOTHING IN THE STATEMENT CAN BE USED AGAINST YOU AT A LATER TIME.

Also, another way to respond to this type of request is to ask the insurance adjuster for a copy of his/her insured's statement.

If in your conversations with the insurance adjuster, you mention that you've been hurt. The adjuster will ask you the names and addresses of your healthcare providers and ask you to sign a medical authorization allowing release of your medical records. We usually do not allow our clients to give the insurance company blanket authorizations for the release of information; however, if you want to accommodate the adjuster, we recommend the following:

Provide a release from the date of accident forward – DO NOT ALLOW THE ADJUSTER TO OBTAIN PAST MEDICAL RECORDS WITHOUT FIRST LOOKING AT THE INFORMATION. There can be a lot of private information in the records that are none of the insurance company's business. Also, request that the insurance adjuster provide you with a copy of each and every document it receives with your release. This way you will at least know what information the insurance company has received.

Most people do not know the rules to follow after being injured in an accident because they have not been in the situation before. Following these few simple recommendation can make the process easier without jeopardizing any potential recovery that you may be entitled to receive.

Indiana accident law can be complex. If you have any questions regarding a potential accident claim, you are always free to call one of our LaPorte County Indiana lawyers at (219) 874-4878 .