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Laporte County Indiana Lawyers |hybrid Motor Vehicles Safer in Crashes

Guy DiMartino Nov. 4, 2014

LaPorte County Indiana personal injury lawyer discusses why hybrid motor vehicles are safer in car crashes.

As a driver of two hybrid vehicles, it was a pleasure to see a recent report from the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety stating that hybrid vehicles are safer in crashes. So, now besides bragging that I have two hybrids with over 100,000 miles that have not even cost me a brake job, now my family and I can feel safer. According to the report, occupants in hybrids are 25% less likely to be injured when compared to occupants in non-hybrid vehicles. Apparently, weight is the biggest factor in the safety. Hybrids weigh about 10% more than their non-hybrid counterparts. The decrease in injuries reported also translated to decreased deaths in hybrid vehicles.

You know, with every positive there is a negative. The same report also documented that hybrid drivers are 20% more likely to be involved in crashes with pedestrians and bicyclists. Without reading this section of the report, I would say that is because hybrid vehicles are much quieter. When you're sitting still in a hybrid, sometimes you can't even tell if the vehicle is on. My thoughts were echoed by Matt Moore, HLDI's vice president when he said, “when hybrids operate in electric mode only pedestrians can't hear them approaching so they might step out into the roadway without first checking to see what is coming.”

As Northwest Indiana drivers cannot change the weight of their vehicle; however, we can definitely change the way we driver. We can slow down for bad weather and watch our distractions with kids and phones. Indiana car accident law can be complex, if you're involved in a car accident and would like to understand the claims and/or litigation processes, you can contact our LaPorte County Indiana lawyers with any questions you may have.