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Laporte County Indiana Accident Lawyer | Trucks Are Directly Related to Severe Accidents

Guy DiMartino Nov. 4, 2014

LaPorte county Indiana truck accident lawyer discusses a recent journal article that shows trucks are a major cause of severe accidents, injuries and deaths.

This is something that every truck accident lawyer knows – semi-truck accidents – can cause carnage on the roadway.

Trucks are responsible for approximately 4500 deaths per year nationwide and these crashes cause loss of life, personal injury, property damage and lost productivity. A recent article published in the International Journal of Injury Control and Safety outlines that trucks account for 8% of accidents and 11% of all deaths on our roadways.

The researchers evaluated a little over 1100 crashes, which included around 1000 multi-vehicle and 100 single vehicle wrecks. The severity of the accidents was categorized as property damage only, non-incapacitating, incapacitating injury and death. The researchers also looked at 15 other factors such as environment, distracted driving, speed, etc.

The main finding of the study is really important to those of us who live in Northwest Indiana and drive on I-80/94 or I 65, which are major trucking thoroughfares through the United States. The finding was that the number one indicator of the severity of injury or death in a truck accident was the volume of trucks on the roadway. In our area there are a ton of trucks on the roadway. What was also interesting was that a simple increase of 1% in truck volume led to a significantly higher increase of crash probability.

The second finding that the study showed was that speed also contributed to the severity of injury and/or death, which makes sense because trucks are big, heavy, and cannot stop as quickly as passenger cars. Finally, weather also played into the severity of injuries or death from truck accidents.

So here in Northwest Indiana, we have all three factors that increase the risk of death in truck accidents, a high volume of truck traffic, speeds on our highways greater than 45 mph, and horrible weather.

What are your thoughts about truck accidents on our highways?