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It's Important to Make Your Physical Therapy and Chiropractic Appointments

Guy DiMartino May 5, 2021

Folks injured in personal injury actions want to get on with the rest of their life. A common scenario is the victim goes to the hospital, the doctor says they don't have any broken bones or serious injuries, so they are tempted to skip doctors appointments thinking they will get better.

Unfortunately, gaps in treatment or skipping appointments can destroy your claim and deep six your chance of receiving fair compensation for your injuries.

Getting the Most out Of Your Chiropractic or Pt Appointments After an Accident

Chiropractic and physical therapy requires multiple appointments over multiple weeks or sometimes months. If you decide to stop treatment before you are released from care, you can hurt yourself and hurt your injury claim. If you have to miss some visits because of work or a family emergency, make sure you let the therapist know why you are missing the appointments so it can be documented in the clinical record.

Here Are Some Tips to Getting the Most out Of Your PT or Chiropractic Appointments

Be Open and Honest About Your Condition: Some folks have a tendency to embellish their conditions others seem to minimize their problem. When the doctor or therapist asks you how you are doing, don't just say fine. Explain to them what is going on and any changes (good or bad) that may have happened since the last visit.

Listen and learn: Your chiropractor or therapist should provide you with information regarding your body's mechanics. They will attempt to educate you on your problem, the mechanics of your injury, and give you some advice on regaining strengthen and normal motion.

Follow Instructions/Do your homework: The therapist will give you work to do at home. This could be simple instructions such as walking or stretching exercises. If you are given exercises, do them. If you can't do them because of your condition, report this to your therapist.

Tell your therapist your goals: Make sure you let your therapist understand your goals. If your main goal is being able to lift your grandkids again, tell your therapist, there may be some specific exercises that you can perform to strengthening the lifting the grandchild muscles.

Don't try to rush the healing: Some folks are super-achievers. If the doctor says that they may need therapy for 3 months, the super-achiever believes they can fix it in 6 weeks, if they just work harder. This is not the case, soft tissue injuries, take time to heal.

Communicate your concerns: If things aren't going as well as you like, say something. If things are becoming chronic or certain daily activities are causing repeated problems, discuss these issues with your therapist or your doctor. If you don't say anything, your healthcare providers can't intervene to assist you.