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Involved in A Car Accident While Pregnant

Guy DiMartino Oct. 25, 2016

You were involved in a car accident and you're pregnant. There are special considerations that you have to take into account with pregnancy.

If you're pregnant and in a car accident, your first order of business is to make sure that the baby is okay. Go to the hospital and depending on the nature and extent of the accident and your potential injuries, they may do an ultrasound to see if the baby is okay.

Now to you. Because of your pregnancy there are a number of layers of complexity

First, doctors do not like to x-ray pregnant woman unless it is absolutely necessary.

Second, many of the treatments used to treat car accident injuries like medications and physical therapy can be contraindicated in pregnancy.

Third, special tests like MRIs are usually not taken on pregnant women unless it is absolutely necessary.

Where Does This Leave a Pregnant Woman Injured in An Accident?

So many expecting moms have to delay their active treatment until their child is born when they're injured in a car accident. This can lead to chronic weakness in the neck, upper and lower backs if the person does not take the time to treat the condition aggressively after the baby is born.

Additionally, insurance companies usually try to take advantage of the gap in treatment arguing that the injury must not have been severe because the expecting mom did not receive treatment. This type of argument can be addressed by your doctor and/or lawyer when negotiating a resolution.

The key to getting better after an accident is timely diagnosis. Do not delay in seeing a doctor because you are pregnant, the doctor will be able to diagnosis and monitor your condition until the time when it becomes safe to receive diagnostic tests and/or treatment.