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Injured in A Fall at CVS?

Oct. 2, 2015

You were at CVS the other day and you injured yourself in a fall. You’re a frequent shopper and your embarrassed about making a claim but your doctor told you that you need surgery. Now, you are wondering if you have a claim.

A majority of slip and fall claims in CVS stores happen because a foreign transitory substance was on the floor. A transitory substance maybe a piece of merchandise, food or liquid. In recent years, Florida law has changed to make things much more difficult for injured customers to win. These cases turn on whether the store had notice of the substance on the floor. In terms of a question, did the store employees have a sufficient time to find and fix the problem before you fell?

In order to prove your claim, you need to preserve circumstantial evidence to support the fact that the store had notice. Initially, you must know why you slipped. If you do not know why you fell – you cannot show notice. If the substance was water, are you able to identify where it came from? Was the water dirty? If it was dirty – arguably it was on the floor for a longer period of time before the incident. If you slipped on make-up – was it in the area where customers sample the product? If so, was there a clerk in the area.

Next, have to document what the area looked like. You can document the area with photographs or ask the store if there is video that captured the event. Use your phone to take photos and ask the store manager to preserve the video. Also, you should get the names of any employees or witnesses to the event.

Finally, if you are injured, tell the store manager about your problem and make sure you go the hospital, urgent care center or doctor to get checked out.

In the end, slip and fall cases are difficult, it is very important to document the evidence suggested above and you will have a fighting chance to receive compensation for your injuries.