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Indiana Truck Accident Lawyers |woman Dies on Borman in Semi Accident

Guy DiMartino Nov. 4, 2014

Indiana truck accident lawyer discusses a newspaper article describing the death of a woman on the Borman in a semi accident.

The Borman is a heavily traveled road especially during the holiday season. The Post-Trib reported that a woman was killed on December 26 th when she crashed into the rear of a semi-truck on the Borman in Hammond, Indiana. The report shows a picture of the crash, which can be categorized as an underride accident.

According to the report, the decedent was traveling eastbound at a high speed when she ran into the rear of the semi-truck near the Indianapolis Blvd. exit. The Indiana State Police stated that alcohol may have been involved in the crash. There are two lessons that we can all learn from the tragedy. First, all life is precious and within a split second any of us can lose our life. Second, speed and alcohol do not mix with driving. The faster we driver; the quicker our perception/reaction time must be. If a driver has alcohol on board, the driver's perception/ reaction time is prolonged, which requires a longer stopping distance. Every year we lose lives on Indiana roads due to both speeding and alcohol use. Nothing good comes out of speeding, drinking and driving.

Our Michigan City Indiana truck accident lawyers see this type of devastation all too frequently. Our sympathy goes out to the folks and families involved in this tragedy.