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Indiana Truck Accident Lawyer |hours of Service Rules

Guy DiMartino Nov. 4, 2014

Indiana truck accident lawyer discusses hours of service rules.

For those of you who haven't driven on our highways, the I-80 and I-65 corridors are heavy with semi-truck traffic because they are main thoroughfares for trucks traveling over to road and across the nation. In any truck accident case, the first thing the attorney is going to attempt to get is the truck driver's log books that document his hours of service (HOS). Federal rules require that truck drivers log their on and off service times in these books. The US Transportation Secretary recently stated, “Trucking is a difficult job, and a big rig can be deadly when a driver is tired and overworked .” It's that simple, when truck drivers are tired or overworked, they are more easily distracted and bad things can happen.

The current HOS rule allows a truck driver to operate their “rig” for 11 consecutive hours, which will stay put for now. However, a new ruling reduces a driver's total weekly hours by 12 to 70 hours per week. In addition, truck drivers cannot drive after working eight hours without first taking a break of at least 30 minutes. Drivers can take the 30-minute break whenever they need rest during the eight-hour window.

Truck accidents can be particularly devastating. Many truck drivers feel the federal rules are impacting their ability to earn a living; however, it appears that the government is focusing on safety of the drivers and the public on our roadways.