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Indiana Truck Accident Lawyer Discusses a Multi-Car Accident on I 80/94 Gary

Guy DiMartino Oct. 25, 2016

Indiana truck accident lawyer discusses a multi-car accident reported on I 80/94 in Gary, Indiana and the lessons learned for all of us.

The Northwest Indiana Times recently reported a multi-car accident on I-80/94 in Gary, Indiana. According to the report, a semi-tractor trailer rear-ended a car and that crash caused the car to run into other cars. It noted that the driver of the big rig was cited for following too closely and log book violations.


In all truck accident cases it is important to request that the driver and his/her company maintain and keep the log book. A log-book is required by federal law. It documents the truck driver's hours of service. Specifically, federal regulations require the truck driver account for all his/her time during the day.

Whether a log-book can be used to show negligence in a truck accident case depends on the specific facts of the case. This is why, it is important to retain an attorney shortly after a truck accident because evidence needs to be preserved. Arguably, if a truck driver isn't in compliance with his/her hours of service and is driving for longer periods of time than allowed, he/she can be fatigued. Research shows that fatigued drivers have longer perception reaction times that can be a precipitating cause of an accident.

This report from the newspaper is just to illustrate a number of points regarding Indiana truck accident cases and in no way comments on the specific causes or fault of the vehicles involved in this particular crash.


Indiana truck accident law is complex and a number of factors are present in every case. If you have any questions about a Northwest Indiana truck accident case, call our Indiana truck accident lawyers at or fill out the internet consultation box to the right.