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Indiana Truck Accident Lawyer | a Lot of Truck Drivers Are Overweight

Guy DiMartino Nov. 4, 2014

Indiana truck accident lawyer discusses a recent article explaining that truck drivers are some over the most overweight workers.

Health Day reported a recent study showing that 39% of truck were overweight. All the issues that come with being overweight are prevalent. Including, high blood pressure, back problems, and type II diabetes. These conditions can cause truck driver's to lose their ability to drive because they are not medically qualified.

Additionally, it was noted that truck drivers were more likely to smoke and least likely to eat vegetables. Can these issues lead to truck accidents? – I think so. Why, because most people who are overweight have a tendency to be fatigued and develop chronic health conditions that can impact safety on the roadway.

When we investigate truck accidents, we always look at the health of the truck driver to see if their health in some way contributed to the accident.