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Indiana Ranked Eighth in Dog Bite Claim Payouts

Guy DiMartino Dec. 4, 2014

Indiana dog bite attorney discusses the recent results noting that Indiana ranks eighth in the country in dog bite claims payouts.

You never thought it would happen to you, you're walking down the street and the next thing you a dog jumps on you and bites you. Your injuries are severe. He took a chunk of flesh out of your butt. Now its getting infected and the doctor told you that it will most likely scar.

Dog bite claims are pretty common. A dog owner has a responsibility to keep control over their dog. If the owner is careless and the dog gets out and causes injury you maybe able to receive compensation for your medical bills and injuries. You may be wondering how insurance companies get involved to pay these claims. Well if the dog owner has a homeowner's or rental insurance policy, most dog bite claims will be covered under the policy.

Property and Casualty 360 published the 2013 report of the top 10 states for dog bite claims. The report notes that 1/3 of all the money paid out for homeowner's liability claims are from dog bites. In 2013, the average payment nationwide for dog bites claims was $27,962, which was a 6.4% drop in the amount when compared to 2012.

Indiana ranked eighth in dog bite claims paid out in 2013. During the year there were 502 claims, which averaged about $25,500 per claim and totaled just under $13 million dollars.

Dog bite claims can be serious. If you or a family member have been attached by a dog, make sure you report the bite to your local animal control. In some areas, like in Michigan City, animal control is part of the Michigan City Police Department. In other areas like Hammond, animal control is the city's own department. Also, if you've been injured by a dog bite in Indiana make sure to take photos of your injuries.