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Guy DiMartino Oct. 19, 2013

With advances in medicine and a focus on good health the American population is getting older. As folks age sometimes they are not able to take care of themselves and have to be placed in a nursing home or assisted living facility to live out their remaining days. Other folks have to be placed in nursing homes or rehabilitation centers for short periods of time following illness or injury.

Many of the nursing homes, ALFs and rehabilitation facilities in Northwest Indiana provide good care. Others facilities over crowded, short staffed or provide unsafe environments for their residents. In these facilities, the staff is poorly trained, uncaring or are unethical and either abuse or neglect their residents. What makes these matters worse is many times the residents suffer neglect in silence because they are fearful of retaliation, losing a place to live, or their physical or mental state do not allow them stand up or speak out regarding the abusive treatment.

If a family member or friend has suffered nursing home abuse, neglect or injury anywhere in Northwest Indiana, call our Guy DiMartino Law at (219) 690-8997 to find our answers to your question. We help folks throughout Northwest Indiana including Lake, LaPorte, Porter, Jasper, Newton, Starke and St. Joseph counties. Because one of our nursing home lawyers is a chiropractic physician, our firm has an in depth understanding of the medical issues and physical injuries that happen in the nursing homes.


The most common issues we see in nursing homes are:

  • Bed sores also known as pressure or decubitus ulcers. Bed sores are very painful and can lead to massive infection and sometimes death if not timely identified and treated. This condition is preventable with proper assessment and management of the resident.

  • Falls – many times because of overcrowding and short staffing residents are not properly assessed or managed. Not all falls are caused by neglect, abuse or negligence. And not all falls can be prevented. But many times residents fall and breaks their arms and hips because the resident was not appropriately assessed and proper fall precautions were not in place.

  • Malnutrition and dehydration – Some residents are poor eaters. This occurs because of physical and/or mental issues. Again, many times the nursing homes are understaffed so the food is delivered to the resident and then picked up and discarded without the resident eating a bite.

  • Elopement/Wondering – Some facilities are just not equipped to handle residents with dementia or alzheimers but instead of either recognizing the condition or not wanting to lose a resident, they continue to house the resident without the proper safeguards in place to prevent the resident from leaving the facility and injuring himself.

  • Physical Abuse – Some people are just not cut out to work in a nursing home. They lose their tempers or just don't care for the residents during their shift. There is no excuse for physical abuse of a resident.

  • Sexual Abuse – nursing home residents are vulnerable and put their trust in the facility hoping that they will be safe and sometimes they are sexually violated by the very people who are charged with protecting them.

If you have any questions about a possible nursing home injury case in Northwest Indiana, please do not hesitate to call our Indiana Nursing Home Abuse Lawyer for your no obligation consultation to have your questions answer at (219) 690-8997 or fill out the internet consultation form on the right if you have any questions or concerns about a loved ones care and treatment in a nursing facility.


Are nursing home abuse and neglect injures medical malpractice cases in Northwest Indiana?

Medical malpractice can occur in a nursing home depending on the type of healthcare provider that rendered the care. Nursing homes may or may not fall under the Indiana medical Malpractice Act. Nursing homes also subject to numerous other rules and regulations.

My aunt developed horrible pressure sores in a Northwest Indiana nursing home; can she receive compensation for what she went through?

Pressure sores also known as “bed sores” or “decubitus ulcers” can many times be the result of abuse, neglect or negligence in a nursing home. Sometimes a nursing home can follow all the rules and do everything right and a resident develops breakdown in their skin that leads to a pressure sore, each and every case depends on the facts of the case.

My spouse fell down and broke her hip; can she receive compensation for her injuries?

Maybe. Fall down cases in a nursing home depend on a number of factors including proper fall risk assessment, safety protocols and prevention.

We placed my mother in an Alzheimer's facility and she was injured when attacked by another resident, does she have a case?

Your mother may have a case if the facility had knowledge of the other resident's dangerous propensities. This will require investigation into other acts of violence by the resident and what the facility did to protect the other residents.

If you have any other questions about a potential nursing home case, call Guy DiMartino Law at (219) 690-8997 or fill out the internet consultation box on the right.