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Indiana Medical Malpractice Lawyer |misdiagnosed Chest Pain

Guy DiMartino Nov. 4, 2014

Indiana medical malpractice lawyer discusses misdiagnosed chest pain.

I have posted numerous blogs and case studies. on the failure to properly evaluate, diagnose and treat acute chest pain. Because the consequences of the failure to diagnose the cause of chest pain has such dire results, if a patient is timely and properly diagnosed medical malpractice cases are filed.

The largest medical malpractice carrier, The Doctors Company, understands these issues and posts this article on its website. The article starts out like this:

Each year there are five hundred thousand sudden deaths in the United States from cardiac disease. Problems related to diagnosis or treatment of ischemic heart disease are among the leading causes of medical malpractice claims in emergency rooms today.

The article recommends that healthcare providers who come in contact with patients with acute chest pain heed the following advice:

  • Take a detail and appropriate history that covers all possible risk factors

  • Observe the patient for sweating, shortness of breath, and lightheadedness

  • During the physical exam look for diaphoresis (sweating)

  • Presence of vascular disease

  • Signs of heart failure

  • Signs of valvular disease

  • New murmurs or extra heart sounds

  • Cardiac irregularity and dysfunction

  • Make sure the EKG (ECG) is properly and accurate reviewed – A normal EKG does not rule out a heart attack – the same is true for normal enzymes initially

The article concludes that patients with chest pain are at risk and the healthcare provider should usually error on the side of liberally admitting the patient for observation.

Negligence in the work-up, diagnosis and treatment of a patient with acute chest pain is malpractice. If you have any questions about a Northwest Indiana medical malpractice claim, you can call our Michigan City medical malpractice attorney at (219) 874-4878 or fill out the internet consultation form on the right.