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Indiana Car Accident Lawyers|weather Change Leads to More Car Accidents

Guy DiMartino Oct. 31, 2014

Indiana car accident lawyer reminds us that the weather change leads to more car accidents.

The Northwest Indiana region saw the first real snow of the season this week and with the weather changes the roads become much more dangerous. The Times reported a number of accidents Friday morning following the snow. As of 8 am, the Indiana State Police reported a number of personal injury accidents on I-65 north of US 30.

Winter driving is much more dangerous than summer driving because of icing on the roadway and visibility issues. If you're involved in an accident, you cannot use weather as an excuse. As drivers on Northwest Indiana's roads we are required to drive our vehicles in a proper and safe manner for the conditions. Following these safety rules, will cut down on the accident potential:

  • Winterize your vehicles: check brakes, tires and alignment

  • Remember that bridges freeze before the roadway

  • Keep a safe distance between your car and the car traveling in front of you

  • Make sure you deice or scrape off all your windows before getting on the roadway

  • Cut down your speed

  • Don't text or email while driving

  • Go hands free if you're making a cell phone call while driving

The major contributing cause for most motor vehicle accidents is distracted driving. If you couple distracted driving with a change in the road conditions, accidents happen and people are injured or killed.

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