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Guy DiMartino Oct. 31, 2014

Indiana car accident lawyer discusses a recent newspaper article describing an accident in Mill Creek where a woman died.

Every day many of us take our ability to drive for granted. Many times we do not appreciate the fact that cars, trucks and motorcycles are very dangerous, and we can lose our lives in Northwest Indiana car accidents. The News Dispatch recently reported that a 44 year old woman was killed in a car crash. The newspaper reported that the decedent was a passenger in a car with her family driving southbound on 600 East was stopped at the stop sign on Division. As the car went through the stop sign it was t-boned by another car that failed to stop at the stop sign. The decedent was taken to LaPorte Regional Hospital where she died about an hour after the accident.

A witness to the crash said that the car that eventually ran the stop sign had passed him on eastbound Division at a high rate of speed just before the car accident.

We do not attempt to understand all the facts involved in this Mill Creek car accident, and rely only on the news story; however, the report suggests that speeding may be have been involved in the crash. As Michigan City car accident lawyers we can say with certainty that dangerous driving actions were involved in 22% of all Indiana fatal car accidents in 2010. Nationwide speeding was a factor in 33% of all fatal accidents and disregarding a traffic signal was involved in another 6%. Finally, it was reported that the driver who ran the stop sign was 19 years old. In 2009, the 15-20 age group had the highest ratio of being involved in car accidents. In this crash, there is evidence of both speeding before the accident, disregarding a stop sign and age.

Our hearts go out to the decedent's family. In this split second, one life was lost and many lives have been changed forever. Please remember that driving a car is a privilege, cars are dangerous and in one instant of distraction lives can be lost or changed forever.