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Guy DiMartino Oct. 31, 2014

Indiana car accident lawyer discusses a recent newspaper article reporting the death of a man in a highway 49 crash.

The Post Tribune and Times have reported that a 55 year old Valparaiso man died in a two car accident on Highway 49 and County Road 600N in Valparaiso, Indiana. The reports go on to explain that the Valparaiso man was westbound on County Road 600N attempting to cross Highway 49 when he struck by a southbound car.

The crash was in the process of being investigated by the Porter County Sheriff's Office accident reconstruction unit. In 2009, Porter County saw 4767 motor vehicle accident and 22 of these accidents involved a fatality.

Our prayers go out to the families that have been impacted by this tragedy.

The news report states that the accident was being investigated by the accident reconstruction unit. This brings up the question, what does an accident reconstructionist do to help identify the cause of any specific accident? An accident reconstructionst may do any of the following activities when investigating a Porter County car crash:

  • Take photos of the car accident scene

  • Take aerial photos of car accident scene

  • Take photos of the cars involved in the accident

  • Take photos of any skid and/or gauge marks on the roadway

  • Perform a survey of the roadway – the survey may be performed with a total station or a measuring wheel

  • Measure the amounts of damage to each vehicle or crush

  • Obtain data from the motor vehicles electronic data recorders (black boxes)

  • Get statements from any parties of the accident or witnesses to the accident

Once the accident reconstructionist gets all this data, he will use a variety of programs to determine the speed of the vehicles before impact, the point of impact on the roadway, whether the crash could have been avoided, and eventually the reconstructionist may come up with a simulation of the event.

Reconstructing an accident is very important because it will sometimes give answers to family members who try to make sense out of such tragedy.