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Indiana Car Accident Lawyer |Fraudulent Accident Cases Hurt Everyone

Guy DiMartino Oct. 31, 2014

Indiana car accident lawyer discusses why fraudulent accident cases hurts everyone.

I'm handling a death case involving a defective product and from the inception of the case I have been dealing with the company's lawyer. The other day, I received a phone call from an insurance adjuster who had a terrible attitude. He made a number of comments suggesting that my client's claim for the death of her mother was made up or fabricated. It appeared to me that this insurance adjuster looks through a pair glasses that every claim is “made up,”, “exaggerated,” or “fraudulent.” I do not know how long this person has been an insurance adjuster but his attitude was probably formed over years of dealing with suspect cases.

At first I was mad and was not going to provide any information to the adjuster and just file a lawsuit. Then, I decided that I will provide him with all the information I have and hopefully educate him as to the validity of the claim.

I want to be mad at the insurance adjuster because he is obviously coming from a terrible point of reference but I do not know his past experiences and when I recently read about a case that originated in Fort Wayne, Indiana, where somebody was arrested for fraud, I could see where an insurance adjuster can take that bent.

The Claims Journal, an online journal that goes out to the insurance industry including adjusters, ran a story about a Northern Indiana woman who has been charged with fraudulently making an injury claim. According to the report, a 42 year old Fort Wayne woman was charged with one felony count of insurance fraud for making a false claim to the Fort Wayne School District claiming she was injured by a school bus. Apparently, there was video surveillance in the area that documented the event and contradicted the woman's claim.

Making fraudulent claims hurts everybody. Insurance rates go up. Insurance adjusters get chips on their shoulder, and then people who are legitimately injured or killed have to spend a lot more money proving and/or litigating their claim.

What do you think about making false insurance claims?

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