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Indiana Car Accident Lawyer | Discusses Another Drunk Driving Death

Guy DiMartino Oct. 25, 2016

Indiana car accident lawyer discusses a recent newspaper article reporting another drunk driving death.

This is the third blog this month describing alcohol related car accidents where people have died. The Times reported that a LaPorte man was charged with causing a fatal crash on eastbound I-94 in Chesterton.

The Incident

The Indiana State Police's initial investigation noted that a Ford Ranger was traveling in the eastbound right hand lane when the driver looked down to grab his cell phone and when he looked up traffic had slowed because of another accident up the road. The Ranger lost control, hit the back of a mini-van killing an occupant, lost control, flipped over and hit another vehicle.

The driver of the Ranger was charged with operating while intoxicated, possession of drug paraphernalia, and driving with a suspended license. Witnesses to the accident said that Ranger's driver was driving reckless before the accident and also saw him throw something out of his vehicle.

Driving a vehicle causes the operator to multitask using manual, visual and cognitive functions. The facts of this case show that the driver of the Ranger was driving recklessly, not looking at the road and was under the influence. All three facts impacted the Ranger driver's manual, visual and cognitive functions, which led to this accident. Now, a number of lives will be changed forever. Our condolences go out to the family of the deceased passenger.

Most automobile crashes are avoidable. People have a tendency to take driving for granted not realizing the amount of neurological input and cognitive function that it requires. When we investigate LaPorte County automobile accidents, we generally find some form of distraction that led to the crash. In this day and age, cell phone usage and texting appears to be at the top of list, however, recently there have been a lot of alcohol related auto accidents in the news lately. We all need to remember that driving is a privilege and should not be taken for granted.